‘Shrek’ Characters in Racy Spread

Probably not the ideal animated characters you want to see looking sexy and sassy, nevertheless, Dreamworks gave the go-ahead to have their Shrek characters displayed in suggestive spreads for a men’s magazine. While parents understand that there are a few off-color jokes that are aimed at adults, everyone appreciates that Shrek films are made primarily for kids. As a result, these PR move is sure to raise some eyebrows.

From FOX411

In anticipation of the release of the fourth “Shrek” movie, “Shrek: Forever And After,” the film’s cartoon characters are appearing in a sultry photo shoot in the men’s fashion magazine VMan. 

In the odd spread, Donkey cozies up to a lingerie-clad model while a shirtless man reclines in the background. Meanwhile, two topless men fight over Princess Fiona, and the Gingerbread man perches in a model’s cleavage.

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This marketing campaign isn’t as risqué as it could have been, which is probably all for the better. I just have to wonder what the impetus was behind it. Is Dreamworks re-branding the series in a move to garner higher ticket sales by drawing back audiences that may have outgrown the Shrek films?

* Photo courtesy of Ellen von Unwerth/VMan