‘Silly Bandz’ Coming to Nintendo DS

Gamers who enjoy wearing, trading and playing with the popular collectibles called Silly Bandz can now experience the toys in a whole new dimension: on the Nintendo DS. Video game publisher Zoo Entertainment, Inc is presenting this exciting property just in time for the holidays. In the game, Silly Bands are trapped in various cages and it’s up to the player to free them and add them to the player’s arsenal.

“As one of the year’s biggest pop culture phenomena, we’re excited to be creating a Silly Bandz experience that brings the fun to life on the Nintendo DS,” said Mark Seremet, Zoo Games CEO. “The exclusive video game themed Silly Bandz bundled with the title help to make Silly Bandz a perfect fit for all the handheld gamers on your holiday list.”

Just like the physical version of Silly Bandz, players shoot the bandz in their collection, except now they’re aiming at cages that trap other Silly Bandz. Some bandz feature special powers like being able to multiply or explode midair. With 200 Silly Bandz to collect over 40 levels and 4 environments there will be plenty for players to do, especially with local multiplayer that pits gamers against each other to see who can collect the most bandz and score the most points.

As a special bonus, the game comes with an assortment of video game-themed Silly Bandz for players to collect or trade.

Silly Bandz for the Nintendo DS is rated E for Everyone and will be available in early December for an MSRP of $29.99.