‘Spider Man 4’ Goes New Direction: Raimi and Maguire Out

It must be interesting times at Columbia Pictures right now with the recent decision to effectively reboot the Spider-Man movie franchise. I’ll admit that I’m surprised that the series is getting a new look and feel so soon, but when I think back to the horror that was Spider-Man 3 I begin to see the sense behind the decision. Anyway, it looks like director Sam Raimi and titular actor Tobey Maguire on the outs.

From Variety:

Star Tobey Maguire and helmer Sam Raimi, who were both set for big paydays for “Spider Man 4,” will no longer be involved in the franchise as Col moves forward with a high school-aged Peter Parker pic, which will bow theatrically in summer 2012.

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Well, I’m not sure if I like the sound of a high school-aged Peter Parker. Smells a little bit like Smallville. Does this mean there won’t be any superhero costumes?