‘Top Gun’ – Paramount Digital Entertainment Reveals Trailer

Paramount Digital Entertainment recently unveiled the trailer for its up and coming title, Top Gun. Based on the classic movie that helped define the 1980s, Top Gun is an air combat game developed by Doublesix (Burn Zombies Burn, South Park Lets Go Tower Defense Play!) exclusively for the Playstation Network. With an extensive collection of single and multiplayer modes, players take on the famed role of Maverick (Tom Cruise) who is assisted by a new RIO and wingman known only as Iceman.

In the trailer, the game showcases a classic arcade style, featuring high-flying action, sharp graphics and accessible gameplay. The game also features a classic soundtrack including both “Danger Zone” and “the Top Gun Anthem.” With six unique jets to choose from and up to sixteen players to battle with online, Top Gun looks like it has what it takes to bring the 1980’s back with a bang!