Trailerpop and Relativity Invite Fans to Be Part of ‘The Family’ (2013)

Leading into opening weekend for the new dark action comedy, The Family, Relativity has teamed up with developer Trailerpop to provide a unique interactive experience for fans. Available for iOS and Android, the interactive campaign will give fans behind the scenes content and compete in trivia to win exclusive prizes.

Liz Jones, Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing for Relativity said,

Relativity is constantly looking for ways to engage with our fans in creative ways across a variety of digital platforms. Trailerpop is innovative and new with a loyal following of movie-goers, and we are thrilled to tap into their community to help promote The Family.

The Family stars Robert De Niro, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Fred and Maggie Manzoni, a former Mob boss and his wife who, after turning on the Mafia, are relocated with their family to a small town in France via the Witness Protection Program. Despite the attempts of Agent Stansfield, played by Tommy Lee Jones, the Manzoni’s struggle to leave their old life behind. The Family opens in theaters nationwide this weekend.