Two Steps Back

Just a very, very minor update tonight.

If you’re a dedicated reader, you’ll find that I’ve reverted to my old layout. It’s just temporary, turns out my 3-sidebar layout was breaking horribly in IE6 and readers were having to scroll down to get to the post. I’m going to rebuild everything into a newer layout that will hopefully be cross-browser compatible. Thankfully, Christmas is upon us and that means I’ll be getting some time off work. These 11-hour shifts plus Saturdays are killing me.

On a side note, the cheap monitor I bought about a year ago went on the blink and I had to borrow one of my Father’s old CRTs. This thing is only 17-inches, but the unit is so huge I have to place the monitor six-inches away from my face just to fit the thing on my desk. I remember when I thought LCD flat panels were completely unnecessary. Now I don’t know how I ever lived without one. Anyway, hopefully we’ll have a brand new layout that looks good for everyone by the new year.

And hopefully I’ll have a new monitor by then as well.

PS. Thank you everyone who read my post on The Notebook. It’s amazing what airing that movie on TV can do for traffic.