What a great Saturday

Actually, the whole weekend has been pretty good. (I just wanted to mock all of the spam comments I get that mention what day it is. My fellow bloggers know what I’m talking about. Naomi Campbell and Tila Nguyen like to praise me on my posts and then remark about the day they posted. “Oh, what a Wednesday!” “It’s a great Monday.” Yes, I agree.)

I don’t know why, but this is the first weekend in a long time that I’ve felt actually rested and relaxed. Granted, having Friday off for the Fourth of July definitely helped, but I’ve had three-day weekends before and didn’t feel ready to tackle the next week. I’ll chalk this feeling up to having done stuff this weekend. You know, clean the apartment, laundry, writing, working on the blog, etc. I have to tell you, if you’re feeling depressed, sluggish, whatever, one of the best pick-me-ups is to just get stuff done. Then when you finally veg in front of the TV, you won’t feel guilty that you’re wasting time. It’ll be your little reward. And if you can manage to have the stuff you get done be something that fuels your passion, like art or music, even better.

Scanning is an Art Form

So, I’ve been planning on getting my old sketches and whatnot online again for the longest time. Now that I have this scanner, I realize how much of a pain in the butt it’s going to be. It wouldn’t be so bad if all of my artwork was on 8×11 standard paper. Unfortunately, the work I’m most proud of is on 14×17. That means I have to scan portions of the work at a time and then sew the separate portions together. Unfortunately, they don’t always go together perfectly. Sometimes, the paper is just slightly at the wrong angle and I have to fine tune the section by tenths of a degree. It can be maddening. More commonly, though, the sections scan in at different brightness levels.

SAG Strike

Well, I thought they would have striked (struck?) by now, but it looks like they’re waiting for something. I’m on the mailing list of an entertainment lawyer and he writes:

After the June 30th expiration of their contract, SAG did not call for a strike vote – a step that would require a 75% approval of those voting. Personally, I think SAG is unable to garner much support for a strike at this time but the industry remains in a shut down mode. Although the writers strike left an impression on many of SAG’s would-be supporters, it is unknown how SAG will react after the ratification vote next week for AFTRA’s contract.

So there’s that. I guess we wait. On the other hand, if there is a strike, I’ve already made plans with Mr. Actor to picket with him. It’ll hopefully be a good opportunity to network. Of course, all things considered, it’ll probably be bad news for everyone if there’s a strike. I certainly wouldn’t want it to stall my chances at getting my screenplay picked up.

Search Trends

It seems to be that Belén Rueda is a hot ticket right now, especially if she’s nude. Speaking of which, I’m getting more hits than I would like from people looking for Miley Cyrus bent over, spreading her legs or nude. Lastly, Bionicle Makuta instructions are always an Internet crowd favorite.

StumbleUpon Idiocy

Some site I stumbled had a list of statistics about money and one of them read something like “90% of people would rather be rich than find the love of their lives.” Of course, readers were appalled, claiming that people are too obsessed with money. Maybe they’re right and people are too obsessed with money, but that isn’t proved by the statistic. There’s more to life than love, people! Try stability, peace of mind and freedom to do the things you want to do for starters. I mean, how many times have people been dumped by the love of their life and still found true happiness? Love is unnecessary. Furthermore, the statistic didn’t say you’d have to be alone. The person you were with just wouldn’t be the love of your life. That’s no biggie. How many people in romantic relationships, right now, married or otherwise, can truly say that they’re with the love of their lives? I think more realistically, people find other people they are mostly compatible with and they make it work. Yes, there are moments of love and those moments are great, but I think both partners are just happy that they’re with someone that they can stand. So if we’re all doomed to have these mediocre relationships in the end, you might as well have the money too.

The Web site also mentioned a statistic about how most fights between married couples are about finances.