Writing Through Illness

It’s another rainy day in Southern California and I couldn’t be happier, if it weren’t for this horrendous cold I’ve contracted. I felt it Friday morning, but I thought it was just allergies. Well, in the beginning I thought it was allergies, but when the usual remedies did nothing to abate the sneezing and the headache, I knew it was something worse.

I went home early and just crashed. Those kinds of sleeps are always fitful for me, punctuated constantly by waking moments, because my body knows I shouldn’t be asleep at that time. I should be up and productive. I should be catching up on all of this swag I need to review for Buzzine. So, more often than not, I just yang the comforter over my head and pass out again.

Around 4:30 p.m. or so, my friend from back east called to let me know he was in town for the weekend. Since he’s one of my best friends, I had to make the effort to see him. The reason he was in town is a little ludicrous, but is worth mentioning if only for a little insight into Asian culture. He needed to get his mother a new TV that could accept the switch to digital broadcast. It may sound crazy to non-Asians, but we would rather spend the money on a roundtrip ticket across the United States plus the cost of a 1080p 37-inch television than have our parents do without – even if we don’t have that great of a relationship with them. Such is the way of second generation Asians taking care of their immigrant parents. As his Asian friend who would understand, of course I had to come.

Saturday was basically a waste of a day since I slept for almost 12 hours. I did, however, drag my east coast buddy out to help me go grocery shopping. So at least I got that accomplished.

Sunday was more of the same lethargy. Even worse was that my Internet connection was being sapped by one of my bastard neighbors so I couldn’t even game online. And that brings us to today. I called in sick to work as soon as I could taste gritty metal in my throat and greenish brown mucous confirmed that I was ill. At any other company, I’m sure I’d get the stink eye from management for taking a day off since they probably have posters in their offices that sport slogans like, “When you call in sick, your coworker does double the work.” Luckily for me (I guess), my company if just looking for ways to reduce worker hours. So take all the sick leave you want!

Well, I might as well take advantage of this time and get to writing these reviews. I really think I’m starting to enjoy this whole LA entertainment journalism thing. When you give yourself over to the inconveniences of the city – horrendous parking, snarled freeways, people with crappy attitudes – you’ll find that you’re rarely disappointed.

I got to cover the Street Fighter IV launch party at the Geffen Contemporary Museum of Contemporary Art. Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department. It’s always a treat going to a venue that I’ve never been before because I always get lost or the nearest parking space is a mile away or some other problem. On the night of the launch party, it might as well have been all three. For the first time in a long time, Google Maps directions got me lost, but here’s where I think my experience is starting to pay off. I was able to get to my destination without having to pull over by recalling what streets hit what and just following my senses. Then when I got to the parking lot, it was full, but because I delayed with the attendant, I was able to wait just long enough for a car to pull out, freeing a spot for me! These are the small victories I live for.

My Street Fighter IV launch party coverage should be up on Buzzine tonight or tomorrow as well as my DVD review of Choke.